Luxe GILD

    What is Gilding?

    Human love for Gold in ancient, therefore one can only expect to see the designers create beautiful ways of including it in the spaces around. Gilding is an art of wrapping surfaces in delicately created gold leaves by skilled artisans to create a beautiful piece of art and luxury.

    At Unico Surfaces, our love for surfaces has led us to explore this aspect of designing as well and we now have skilled artisans who have mastered the art of leafing or gilding. Unico provides a variety of range to choose from as per your requirement, including Gold Leaf, Silver Leaf, Champagne Leaf, Copper Leaf, Crackle leaf, Antique Finish Leaf, Burnt Finish, and several more. Our artisans can create any effect you desire upto perfection. You can choose to wrap up your old mirror frame, or redesign a sentimental gift you received from a dear friend, or wrap up a piece of furniture or show piece. Unico Gild can be applied on walls, furniture, ceiling, cabinets, sculptures and frames.

    You can add the touch of luxury by choosing to treat some surface of the design with gilding with Unico Gild. We only use imported quality leaves with best quality solution for pasting. Visit our store or call us today for a free doorstep sample check and presentation along with advice from our experts.

    Gilding Application

    The art of application is a complex task and requires skilled artisans with an eye for detail and patient for perfection to master the technique. At Unico Surfaces, gilding had a specific department, dedicated to perfection. Gilding is a multi step process, here the artisan first ensures that the base on which the leaves are to be attached is ready. Incase the base is not prepared yet for the leaves, the artisan carefully prepares the base, ensuring that the surface is as smooth as possible.

    This is an essential step as incase there are any undulations in the base, on application the leaves will only make it more prominent instead of hiding any flaws. Therefore, base preparation is an essential step as it lays down the foundation of a flawless finished product. The artisans at Unico are well trained and skilled in preparing the base and have strict instructions to not go ahead unless they are fully satisfied with the base quality.

    Once the base is prepared, the artisans skilfully apply the special solution for leaf pasting and patiently cover the surface in your desired look and finish. Once the leaf is dry, the artisans at Unico Gild are then instructed to do a final protection coating on the gilded surface in order to prevent the leaves from any abrasion or future wear & tears. This way, Unico Gild ensures that our customers experience only the best quality surface and service experience throughout the process.

    Maintenance of Gilding

    Unico Gild ensures to deliver a secure product to all its clients. Therefore during the process of gilding Unico artisans dedicatedly follow every instruction to deliver the finest quality gilding. If the leaf has been covered perfectly, that is without any air bubble, the gilded product can last for a decade or more. However, since even the best quality leaves are extremely fine and delicate, we always request our clients to keep in mind a couple of safety instructions for the gilded products to ensure longer durable lives.

    These are, a) never expose the gilded area to high humidity or heat, thus making them unsuitable for exterior surface purpose, and b) to take care that the gilded surface is not exposed to any rough scratching or pointed metals or wires. Besides the two instructions mentioned above, the gilded products have long lives and can be easily maintained. Simply wipe off the dust with a dry cotton cloth and your surface is back to being brand new.

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