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    Unico Interior Film is the Next Generation Surface Finish Solution for Designed and Stylish Interiors. Unico Interior Film is a self adhesive, ready to install surface finish, that can be installed over a curved, square or rectangular shape with ease and style. Interior Films come in a range covering broadly all the major categories of designs and finishes like - Wood Surface Finish, Marble Surface Finish, Leather Surface Finish, Metal Surface Finish, Fabric Surface Finish, Gloss Surface Finish, Glitter Surface Finish, Concrete Surface Finish, Solid & Classic.

    You can now get the perfect finish for your walls, furniture, doors, windows, ceiling and design your interiors in perfect sync. Interior Films are cost effective, save your time and labour. They are also very easy to maintain and repair in case of any chipping or damage. You can know more about Unico Interior Film Maintenance, Technical Features, Applications, & Designs .

    Unico Interior Films are directly imported to India from the finest quality of manufacturers following international standards, which adhere to strict quality rules. Whether you are a designer, architect or someone who is designing their own home or office space, we at Unico Surfaces will be glad to assist you in realising your dream space by providing you the perfect surface to your interiors.

    We understand the Urban pace, where time is an expensive currency, thus we bring to you our latest product with a promise that surface execution will never be that time consuming again, ever.

    Interior Film Application

    Unico Interior Film is very easy to install. The Film comes with a self adhesive medium and can be installed on any smooth surface by gently removing the peel. It leaves no odour or mess behind. The space is ready to use immediately post the installation process. Film is also called as ‘Wrap’ by some, as it can wrap around your cabinets, doors and furniture irrespective of their shapes and sizes.

    We would recommend to hire a skilled installer if this is your first time with the film as the curves and edges might need a little extra attention. We would also like to inform you that these Films are compatible with substrate like Glass, MDF, Steel, Stainless Steel, Aluminium, Metal, PVC, Wood, Sunboard and several Substrates. Get the perfect texture and finish in the shortest time possible, on any smooth object with minimum cost.

    To place an order, follow the following steps,

    a) Calculate the area on which you need to install the film, add another 10% (as wastage) and get the total area of the film you require,

    b)Choose the design/finish you desire from our array of Wood, Fabric, Leather, Marble, Concrete, Metal or Glitter Films,

    c) After choosing the design/finish you can choose the exact colour you require from our e-catalogue,

    d) Place your order and make the payment,

    e) You can choose to install the film yourself or hire an expert from UNICO SURFACES to install the Interior Film on your desired Surface. The film can be applied on various substrate in the same room to create a beautiful interior style that appears in sync.

    For example, you can choose to highlight a Wall Panel in Concrete Finish, to go along with it, as part of the design you install the same film on the door in the opposite wall, or highlight the railing of your room’s staircase in concrete finish, you can also install the Concrete Finish Film over a piece of furniture in the same room, for example a table or stool or frame, not only this you can wrap up Cabinets/Drawers or other storage spaces in the same room with the same film, and give the room’s interior a completely different look, with unlimited surface design possibilities.

    Similarly, one can refurbish one’s entire office within one night and on a pocket friendly budget, making the space look fresh and welcoming for the staff to spend as much time and be creative. Unico Interior Film is also an excellent solution for temporary or short term structural spaces that are required to look luxurious without burning a hole in your pocket. Not only being cost effective, they are extremely time saving as well as they can be directly installed on the required surface overnight, making it ideal for exhibitors looking for high end surface finishes with lower investments.

    Technical Specifications of Interior Film

    Unico Interior Film conforms to highest quality standards keeping in mind the needs of our international customers. Unico Interior Film is fire-retardant, incase of an unfortunate event, our film discourages the spread of fire instead of supporting it.

    Unico Interior Film survives in high humid areas as well making it an ideal for kitchen cabinets, modular kitchens, bathroom doors, mirror frames etc. Unico Interior Film is also highly resistant to impact and abrasion making it a good option even for heavy public usage spaces, like near the lift, doors and table tops. The film is tough and does not easily give in to scratches or daily tear and wear unless intentionally harmed. Interior Film’s biggest achievement being, it can be wrapped around complex shapes, curves and contours.

    Interior Film’s another impressive feature is it’s ability to be easily repaired as well as to be easily removed. Not only it gives your interior space a look you desire, saving your time & money, it also comes with the freedom of being easily removed and replaced with a whole new look again, without pinching the pocket. For example, you desire to change the look of your living room from marble to wood. Trust us we know how humungous the task shall turn out to be, coming at a huge cost of time & money.

    Often these obstacles seem big enough to overlook the desire of giving your space a makeover and for the process leaves you exasperated. But, not any longer. With Unico Interior Films, changing from a royal Marble look to warm Wooden is just amateur of a couple of hours and you have a new Living Room, minus the mess and the stress. Interior Films are also a better option as compared to their lower life alternative of Wallpapers. Unico Interior Films are easy to maintain and repair, with hardly any maintenance cost.

    Maintenance of the Interior Film

    Unico Interior Films are easy to maintain and repair. These Interior Films comes with hardly any actual maintenance cost. They can be easily wiped with a clean dry cloth, slightly damp cloth once a week (depending upon the usage and the exposure of the film application area to atmospheric pressures and public).

    Each film is highly resistant to impact and abrasion. Interior Films are manufactured in a manner that they are resistant in collecting dust particles as well as dust on the fingerprints to a lot of extent (except solid and high gloss colours). The film can sustain in a high humidity area as well as very low temperatures. However, Unico Interior Films are not designed for the external applications yet, therefore we shall not recommend to use them on any outer/external surfaces. They can be used on any interior surface.

    These Interior Films are extremely easy to maintain and have been designed especially keeping in mind the Urban pace - the city life - with all its glory, style and challenges. We understand that the future belongs to those who prepare themselves to meet the highly competitive standards keeping the product quality, service & price in perfect harmony. And we are ready for the Future!

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